Bushman Family Chiropractic Reviews

Below are the reviews from our patients who have experienced real and lasting results from Bushman Family Chiropractic.

"Brad and Kathy are absolutely amazing! It is always a very welcoming and comfortable environment. Brad works wonders on both children and adults. Scheduling is incredibly flexible. Called to be seen today, walked in with an extremely fussy baby, whom Kathy was generous enough to watch over while I was getting adjusted, and Brad worked magic on my baby after and he is a completely different and happy little guy! Thank you both so much!"

Teia B.

"Had back pain this morning. Called his office. Got in filled out some papers and got me right in. Very friendly and my back pain is now gone !! Will be returning. Highly recommend"

Ralph L.

"I have been in agony for several weeks now dealing with this intermittent back pain that would take my breath away. I went for the first time today and after the adjustment I was really scared I would feel the pain afterwards until my next appointment which is scheduled for two days later, and it’s really tender but I was able to walk down to get my garbage from the curb and back without the extreme lower back pain! I hadn’t even realized how bad it was since it’s been this way for years. The middle of my back is still really hurting me, so I’m hopeful my Thursday appointment will take care of that. The atmosphere is casual and it felt like dealing with family. They do not encourage mask wearing there, so if you have not gotten your covid vaccine and are high risk, that may be an issue for you."

Brandi H.

"Warm and compassionate. Very accommodating."

Mark D.

"Amazing doctor, massage therapists, and receptionist. They all treat you like family."

Darcy S.

"My back was aching. Arrived ms seen immediately. Full service operation. Walked out feeling better and hopeful w more visits there I might actually heal."

Stephen S.

"Fast, friendly service! Very glad I found them."

Sandra H.

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