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Our Team at Bushman Family Chiropractic


Bushman Family Chiropractic provides the highest quality, professional and compassionate chiropractic care to ensure that you and your family is in good health.

​​​​​​​Meet the Team

Dr. Bushman

Dr. Brad Bushman


Dr. Brad Bushman was raised in Dixon, Illinois, a small town. When Dr. Bushman was 8 years old and able to handle tools, his father started his own construction business. From that time until he was about 24 years old, Dr. Bushman assisted his father.

Dr. Bushman witnessed the damage this demanding labor caused to his father's body over the years. His body decided it couldn't take it by the time he was 19 and attending Sauk Valley Community College on a cross-country scholarship. He got very sick and started having trouble processing food. He started to go through a lot of testing as this went on for several months. Numerous diagnoses and inconclusive tests were conducted, but none of them led to his health problems.

He eventually stopped running and using western medicine. He believed that his issue was something that he would have to resolve at this point. His parents were finally persuaded to try that by the chiropractor they were seeing. The chiropractor took some X-rays and showed Dr. Brad the origin of all of his issues. Dr. Brad began receiving chiropractic care and within three weeks felt better than he had ever imagined. After everything, he came to the conclusion that's what he wanted to do. He desired a career as a chiropractor. Brad left for Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa, before his mother even knew he had left. After a few years and many late nights of study, he received his degree in 2003.

Dr. Brad Bushman has experience working in various chiropractic clinics. This gave him the chance to observe how various approaches function in an office setting. In March 2006, Bushman Family Chiropractic opened in an office that had previously been a doctor's office. The office relocated to a new location in November 2006.

In 2012, we relocated to our current location, where we have remained ever since. There is always some sort of project or remodel going on, and most of them involve Dr. Bushman directly.

Dr. Marci Wolfe


Front Desk & Billing

I graduated from Harper Creek High School, I won't say how long ago, but I have two grandchildren graduating this year...my 50th anniversary. How Time flies.

I began as a patient with chiropractic 36 years ago. Then I began working as a receptionist and biller for the office.

It quickly became a passion of mine. I've seen how chiropractic treatment can improve and change people's lives.

Before meeting Dr. Brad, I worked in three different practices. Before starting Bushman Family Chiropractic 16 1/2 years ago, we were coworkers and friends. We take turns deciding who is the boss. I've been referred to as his "Michigan Mom," and his children are my grandchildren.

We enjoy taking care of people and improving their lives.

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